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Cloud Application Security

Rules API

Rules API

Perform operations for security, delivery, or rate rules for your sites.

Note: To learn more about Cloud Application Security API v2, see API Version 2 Overview.

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Available operations

Operation Description Method Resource
Create rule

Create a new rule.

POST /sites/{siteId}/rules
Read rule Retrieve rule details for a single rule. GET /sites/{siteId}/rules/{ruleId}
Update rule

Modify specific rule parameters for a single rule.

Values of all other parameters are unchanged.

POST /sites/{siteId}/rules/{ruleId}

Overwrite rule

Full update of a single rule.

Any parameter not explicitly defined in the request is assigned the default or null value.

PUT /sites/{siteId}/rules/{ruleId}
Delete rule Delete the specified rule. DELETE /sites/{siteId}/rules/{ruleId}

API Definition

For instructions on using the Rules API, see Cloud WAF API Definition.

The definition file presents a full, formatted, and interactive version of the Rules API that you can use to learn about the APIs, or test them using your API ID and key. You can also download the definition file.

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