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Cloud Application Security

Account Users

Account Users

As an account administrator or other user with the appropriate permissions, you can create additional account users for your team members, to enable collaboration and co-management of the Imperva service.

You can grant different levels of permissions and sub account access to users, based on the level of visibility and control that is required.

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The Account Users page lists all account users.

Account admins can:

  • add and delete users
  • reset a user password
  • grant granular permissions to users, including access to account settings, control over sites and DNS zones, and control over other users and permissions
  • manage API keys for all users

Note: If you need to change the account administrator user, contact Support to request the change.

View the account user list

To access the Account Users page:

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. On the sidebar, click Management > Users.

Add a user

Click Add User. The account administrator or any user with the appropriate permissions can add a new user to the account.

When a new user is created in an account, a verification mail is sent to the email address listed for the user, with a cc to the account admin.

The new user clicks the link in the email to verify their address and set a login password.

View and edit user settings

Click a user row to open the Settings panel.

What do you want to do? Details
Manage API Keys Create and manage up to 5 API keys per user. For details, see API Key Management.
Manage Permissions

The account administrator or any user with the appropriate permissions can manage user permissions.

Note: User permissions in accounts created after October 27, 2019 are managed using Roles. For details, see Manage Roles and Permissions.

Manage approved log-in IP addresses Limit log in access by providing a specific list of approved log-in IP addresses that the user is permitted to log in from.
Delete a user Actions > Delete. Deletes the selected user. This cannot be undone. The Account Admin user cannot be deleted.
Reset a user password Actions > Reset Password. Resets the password for the selected user. A password reset link is displayed onscreen, which you can then send to the user.

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